The Right Person, Right Job, @ Right Time

A High Performance Selection, Development and Promotion System

This system determines how a person is going to perform and function as part of a team and within your culture before you hire, promote or develop them. It also determines their ability to achieve high performance based on their Emotional Intelligence, Job Suitability and maturity level for specific projects and responsibilities

To achieve a highly predictable level of success in determining you have the right person in the right job with the right skills you will need to need to know (based on validated studies) how a person is going to perform against established performance criteria that discerns high, medium and low performers within your organization. To do that you need to know the answers to the following questions:

  • What kind of choices a person will make in mission critical situations?
  • How they view the world?
  • What they pursue and/or avoid?
  • What they pursue and/or avoid?
  • What turns them on or off?
  • How and why they make decisions?
  • How they communicate, influence & lead?
  • How they handle autonomy, freedom responsibility?
  • Will they take personal initiative?
  • Will they persist when faced with obstacles?
  • How innovative will they be when confronted with difficult challenges?
  • How committed are they to improvement?
  • Will they become autocratic, dogmatic, dictatorial or controlling as managers?
  • Will they resist change and/or be rigid?
  • How effective will they communicate?
  • Are they easily influenced, blindly optimistic, impulsive and illogical?
  • Will they avoid difficult decisions?
  • Will they organize and handle details?
  • Are they scattered or chaotic in their approach to projects or planning?
  • Will they seek to learn, grow and excel?
  • Are they self­serving or self­critical?
  • What kind of recognition do they need? ·
  • As a leader will they provide direction and hold people accountable for results? ·
  • Can they effectively enforce standards?
  • How do they handle conflicts?
  • Will they exceed their objectives?
  • Will they earn what they are paid?
  • Can you count on them to be a high performer? Why?

The Center for Inspired Performance utilizes the Harrison Assessment coupled with its own proprietary methodology to answers these questions. HA Reports are Comprehensive, Complete & Consistent and Job Specific. HA is not a personality test. HA reveals deeply rooted insights that determine essential high performance traits or those, which will hinder performance related to specific positions. It reveals a person’s work preferences and behavioral competencies. It pinpoints the developmental needs to achieve or increase personal satisfaction and measurable job performance.

HA’s effectiveness is based on achieving mission­critical Business Objectives: It is used by The Center for Selection, Promotion, Retention, Leadership Development, Communication, Team Building, Succession Planning, Performance Management, and increasing Productivity & Employee Satisfaction. HA clarifies and increases the effectiveness of performance measures.

The Harrison Assessment focuses strictly on work performance factors: It predicts job success by determining mission­critical behavioral competencies. It is a decision­making and productivity assessment tool used to achieve bottom line objectives.