The Power of Focus and Clarity


The Power of Focus and Clarity is the foundation of creating an inspired performance. It focuses on defining each person’s mission, responsibilities, expectations and operational boundaries. It provides the knowledge and tools that remove the upset conditions caused by confusion, uncertainty, lack of direction and expectations. It results in focus on and alignment around leverage points to remove upset conditions and limits to growth. It establishes the principle­pathway for forward movement, maximizing the opportunities of each performer and the assets of the organization and maintaining momentum once it is achieved. Every member knows how to win, becomes a goal setter and goal achiever and benchmarks where they stand on the high performance playing field. Each manager becomes a coach and each member a self­governing member of a team, focused on going beyond the past best performance. It answers the questions, how do I win and why should I give my all?

Objectives and deliverables result in clarifying and focusing on:

  • desired results ·
  • releasing energy and empowering each member of the workforce.
  • defining member contribution
  •  the rules that determine how the game is played at every level
  • Specification of minimum standards, consequences of not meeting standards and rewards for exceeding performance expectations
  • answering the “How do I win?” and “What must I do to succeed? questions ·
  • providing the source of inspiration and eliminating the source of desperation.
  • expectations being clearly understood between all parties
  • People becoming self­-governing
  • Defining the Employees “bill of rights”
  • Every person becoming a goal setter and goal achiever ·
  • maximizing the opportunities and assets of the organization
  • developing production capacity and productivity levels of every performer

The result is teamwork that develops: Productivity, ownership, communications, commitment, motivation, direction setting, taking responsibility, recognition, and accountability