The CEO Dilemma

  • 85% of an Executive’s time is spent solving immediate problems.
  • Executives need to focus on achieving the vision for the future.
  • Sustained growth needs to be balanced between out of control chaos and stagnation.
  • There is considerable difference between motivating a team today and inspiring them to the highest level of achievement over their career.
  • People should not be assign responsibilities based on personality, but on  suitability.
  • Decisions based on looking over your shoulder at past quarterly factors do  not help manage today and the future.
  • Appropriate measures and tools that present live up­to­date valued­data on  leverage points will enable driving the organization forward.
  • Reactive management is non­effective, but proactive steps are.

The Center for Inspired Performance (CIP) offers a holistic approach, but with specific actions, to implementing strategies for balanced optimum growth. It enables organization leaders to create long­term inspired teams, without the setbacks that short­lived motivational peep­talks bring. To achieve optimum balanced growth, The Center focuses on achieving shareholder value, competitive advantage, employee and customer satisfaction, revenue and margin growth.

This is accomplished through a proven system based on Generative knowledge to change thinking and behavior, implementing “Right Person – Right Job” activities, defining and assessing organizational leverage points to implement change activities that bring about optimal growth , developing core competences, and providing appropriate measurements and tools.

So, if you are asking, How can we have one system that:

  • Aligns and Links strategy, external/ internal processes and Human  Resource Readiness?
  • Increases Training &Development accountability?
  • Engages and Inspires performers to exceed past best performance?
  • Provides real time ‘leading indicator’ dashboard measurements?
  • Increases Clarity of Focus on Strategic Execution?
  • Assures having the right performers in the right jobs with right  competencies/skills at the right time?
  • Manages change, knowledge, projects, processes & resources?

The answer is a teaming of the Center for Inspired Performance and You.

The Center for Inspired Performance will become a trusted resource for you and your leadership team. We will help you achieve your vision for the future, and to inspire your team to gain balanced optimum growth.

Here is what other have said:

Wes Cantrel, CEO, Lanier World Wide said, “The Learning Organization principles we implemented are a powerful methodology. We’ve gained a significant advantage in a highly competitive world market. The financial results have been the most rewarding in our history.”

Bud Mingledorff, CEO, Mingeldorff’s said, “I committed to a company­wide roll out after my pilot branch­ chosen from a declining market­ grew three times faster than our top­growth branch, while reducing inventory 40% and achieving the highest service levels and margins in the company. Five years later we are still following the principles and practices and have gone from the lowest quartile in our industry to the top 10%.”

Jeff Snow, CEO, HIFI Buys said, “We found that our old system caused us to put out fires and react to events. Now we’re creating the future.”

The Team at the CEO Alliance and the Center for Inspired Performance extend to you our best wishes for success, and our sincere offer to assist you achieve balanced optimum growth. Give us a call.