Sales Effectiveness

Requires a highly focused application of competitive advantage creation, developing core competencies, managing innovation, achieving customer loyalty and applying the principles of strategic marketing.

Competitive Advantage Creation

Is the essence of a market leader’s focus and attention. Identifying where an organization excels and what is required to exploit a market opportunity provides the foundation for positioning and strategic selling.

Client Development Links

Results in every person being able to see that the work they do results in client development and satisfaction and therefore customer loyalty and sales success.

Innovation Management

Directs and positions an organization to discover market niches, value added propositions, competitive advantages through understanding what the customers really wants and needs

Customer Loyalty

Is the result of helping clients grow their business, lower their costs and compete in their markets.

Strategic Marketing

Is achieved thru and integral process of research, access, positioning and partnering with clients. It requires customer intelligence concerning what value the customer needs and then positioning yourself to become part of achieving their strategic objectives.

Focus of Sales Force

Determines how their impact affects customer behavior, internal support, productivity and account profitability.