Removing Reactive Behavior

Organizations that are out of balance due to reactive behavior are vulnerable to all kinds of viruses or diseases. In this state, cures are worse than the cause. Unlike the human system that has a very powerful immune system, organizations have none at all. They are vulnerable to any reactive behavior or short cuts, including poor: decision making, hiring practices, or communications, lack of analysis or unplanned changes and anyone or anything not performing precisely as promised. Let me show you how a center can remove your reactive behavior.

The Cure

We start this transformation process with a leadership conference that changes the context at how people see their jobs, their teams and themselves. We remove the organizational blinders so they truly see the cause for the activities that they experience on a day­to­day basis. We help you define the principles that will drive your organization. We use tools such as the Harrison Assessment to insure people understand their strengths and weaknesses and apply them appropriately based on their position.

Upset conditions are usually deeply rooted and systemic in nature. This requires standing back and working on the organization. That is how you lead it. You perfect the organization’s design daily. We initiate this process during the conference by mapping out and perfecting all systems, processes and cause­ and­effect relationships.

A Center Inside Your Organization

The Center for Inspired Performance works with you to maintain your generative organization. This includes changing the context of the organization and implementing a new environment that insures every person:

Has the right job
Is driven by the organization’s principles
Is aligned with the organization’s objective
Is accountable and responsible for their productivity
Contributes to the optimization of their teams and processes

In addition, we continue to work with the Management Team to help them refine and improve on the structure of the organization.