Our Change Methodology

All that we do begins with a Change Management methodology of: ASSESS, DESIGN, ALIGN & EXECUTE. This becomes the power source or engine for implementing strategies of optimum growth.


There are 36 competencies linked to Six Strategic Focus Areas and Six Managerial Disciplines. When the initial assessment is completed it benchmarks your organization against best practices in the Six Strategic Focus areas and Six Managerial Disciplines. The Assessment results guide everything that follows. Where are we now? What is limiting our growth? What Strategy will give us a competitive advantage? What Managerial Discipline will result in successful execution?


Organization’s work perfectly, exactly the way they are designed. One of the first steps is to map out the actual design of the organization’s underlying structure. Without understanding the structural design of the organization there is no way to see the cause of reactive behavior or discover and work with the leverage points that will remove the source of it. No attempts at improvement will yield maximum (even minimum) potential benefits when laid on top of reactive behavior, or out of balance conditions.

When the underlying structure of the organization is mapped out, you can see. It is the source of overcoming organizational blindness. It provides VISION. We define VISION as the ability to see the past, present and future. To see over time, space and causality. That is real Vision.


In order to be aligned, everyone must have clarity of focus based upon their personal mission statement, goals linked to the organizations objectives, a sense of purpose – to serve their customer (internal or external) and work with suppliers to improve cycle time and quality. This results in removing reactive (self­serving behavior) and limits to growth. It engages everyone to develop their personal competencies to make greater and more significant contributions.


A Generative Organization is lead by a Design Team that operates with the Tools For Structural Thinking (Learning Organization Principles and Practices or commonly referred to as System Dynamics)

The Design Team forms Change Coalitions who work with the Six Strategic Focus Areas of Leadership Effectiveness, Sales Effectiveness, Customer Loyalty, Employee Inspiration, Competitive Advantage Creation and Productivity and Quality. Each Change Team is charged with the responsibility to Align (remove all barriers and obstacles to execution) and Execute. They make sure total accountability is in place and utilize the data that comes from personal scorekeeping that rolls up to an organizational dashboard.

Our guidance system acts like sonar that sends out signals and tells you what is coming at you or will likely be in the future if you don’t change. It tells you what corrective actions need taken in order to address future difficulties before they occur or developmental strategies required to achieve competitive advantage. Out of necessity, a Navigational Guidance System must be based on leading indicators that provide vision. These leading indicators need to be seen on a dashboard. The dashboard gives you instant results. Instant Results are based on personal scorekeeping on a daily basis that has every person focused on going beyond their past best performance linked to organizational objectives or growth and development strategies.