CEO Alliance Membership Overview

Membership in the CEO Alliance provides… 

♦ A complete, comprehensive, consistent set of principles
♦ Navigational dashboards
♦ Core competency development
♦ Organizational and personal assessments
♦ Training/skills/team performance systems and strategies in a structured clearly defined pathway. A pathway that, step by step, assures a quarterly 90-day strategic execution and implementation structure that elevates the entire organization to the next level of…

Competitive advantage creation
Productive capacity
Customer loyalty
Revenue/sales acceleration

Member CEOs’ organizations literally perform at a 10 X multiplier level.

To operate at a 10X multiplier level, CEO Alliance members, each quarter, get out of the day to day of working in their business (recommended with their executive team) in order to have an in-depth laser focus which addresses everything that is causing…

♦ Reactive behavior (firefighting)
♦ Limiting growth
♦ Missed opportunities
♦ Reduced margins/profits
♦ Restricted performance

These obstacles are used to propel strategic growth and innovation. Each quarter members remove their ceiling and shift the mindset that is holding their organization back.

Find out how CEOs achieve this powerful result – quarter after quarter – year after year – by attending a CEO Executive Briefing (by Sponsored invitation only). Contact us to learn more.

Membership Options –

1) CEO/Business Owner only – This offering allows the CEO, President or business owner to experience all the value of membership in the Alliance including…
♦ Quarterly Retreats (NOTE: All quarterly retreats are held at Sautee Mountain Retreat which is our Center for Inspired Performance in North Georgia. Members receive discounted rates for food and lodging and a member rate for workshop materials and workbooks.
♦ One half-day onsite work session or facilitated meeting per quarter (Facilitated by Bill Schwarz, Michael Stahl or one of our CEO Alliance experts.)
♦ Access to Harrison Assessment behavioral traits profiles for a special member discount (NOTE: Harrison Assessments can be utilized for individual as well as team development.)
♦ Unlimited “trusted advisor” coaching and support
♦ Member discount on bulk purchase of Bill Schwarz’s best-selling book, “The Generative Organization” – Many clients provide this groundbreaking book to their customers and prospects as an excellent value-added gift.

2) The Generative Operating System (GOS)– This offering includes the CEO, President or business owner and their executive team. They receive all the benefits of membership that the CEO only offering entails including member discounts for food and lodging and workshop materials and workbooks for each person.

3) The Generative Organization – This offering includes the CEO, President or business owner, their executive team and their entire company. They receive all the benefits of membership that the CEO only offering and GOS entails including member discounts for food and lodging and workshop materials and workbooks for each person.

Comments about “The Generative Organization”…

“Bill Schwarz has written a masterpiece. This book is full of the wisdom essential for a leader who wants to do it right and correct all past wrongs.….You’ll come away with a totally new, very powerful and inspiring way of leading…..Don’t just read it. Live it!”

Larry Callahan, CEO, Patillo Construction

“This book is incredible. Whether a company is in survival or growing rapidly, Bill Schwarz has written the manual for taking an organization to the next level of greatness. It is full of tools for thinking differently that can literally change the structure of an organization. It provides a way to assess, design, align and execute growth strategies and achieve competitive advantage.”

Rachael Ann Shattah, President/CEO, Printing Industry Association of Georgia, Inc.

“This is a CEO’s road map to success.  It blends theory, pragmatism, and principles with remarkable clarity.  It addresses the deeply rooted cause of recurring difficulties and how to remove them so the company can grow and achieve competitive advantage.”

Sid Kirschner, Former Chairman/CEO, National Services Industries and Northside Hospital

Some Important Facts About Building A Generative Organization

Whether you join The CEO Alliance as an individual CEO or business owner, as a member of the GOS process or for the full company experience, our goal is to build your company into a fully functioning Generative Organization. This process requires absolute clarity of focus and everyone aligned around the highest leverage points to provide clients and customers with the highest quality of service and performance.

It goes beyond traditional quality efforts, ISO 9000, etc. to work with and build a management flight simulator that results in everyone aligned and focused as a team. This system and methodology allows people to go beyond their best past performance on a daily basis. It results in the entire workforce being committed to innovation and creative thinking while keeping score on their daily performance and working in teams to accomplish their and the clients’ objectives. Fundamentally, a Generative Organization is based on the reality that every member truly wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves, where their contributions and ideas are recognized and they know they make a significant and measurable difference. When these conditions are present and the organization is aligned around leverage points, the energy is released for inspired performance.

Inspired performance results in all contributors going beyond their past best performance to achieve the highest levels of productivity, personal satisfaction and development. Focus is placed on increasing production capacity through a comprehensive, complete and consistent development process that is rooted in principles and practices that result in continuously making:

1. A shift from being a Reactive to a Generative organization.

2. Working on the design of the organization that determines how it actually performs.

3. Aligning everyone around leverage points that remove the source of upset conditions and limits to growth

4. Consciously applying your attention on the right things, for the right amount of time to achieve precisely the right movement and momentum.

5. Developing a design team and establishing Change Coalitions (Cause Teams) that focus on aligning all the resources around its highest leverage points.

6. Developing the Emotional Intelligence of its leadership and management through self- awareness, self-reflection and self-management.

7. Becoming a Competency-Development focused organization.

8. Establishing trust as the basis of each and every relationship.

9. Everyone focused on the same mission, purpose and vision.

10. Every contributor becoming a goal setter and goal achiever.

11. Developing the power of focus, clarity, and self-management through inspired Scorekeeping.

12. Everyone going beyond his or her best performance on a daily basis.

13. All members apart of a team that is focused on quality, cycle time, productivity and customer service.

The Mission

Building a Generative Organization achieves the above objectives through a constant process of assessment, design, align and execution and daily correction. It is the result of the implementation of five “mission-critical” processes that are based on foundational choices, causal principles and practices that result in achieving inspired performance and bottom line results.

Research Based and Focused on Measurable Results

The principles that are at the foundation of Building a Generative Organization are implemented by having a Center for Inspired Performance at the core of the organization. It results in overcoming organizational blindness and seeing the cause of event driven (reactive) behavior and implementing the principles that result in generative behavior. A generative organization is constantly focused on producing the highest levels of employee satisfaction, optimum rates of growth and cost effectiveness for its clients, and every individual making a personal contribution that improves measurable results every month.

Guided by Principles

When the principles of building a Generative Organization are followed, they achieve the highest level of performance from every contributor. When violated, they are the cause of upset conditions and restricted growth and the leadership of the organization focuses on whatn principles were violated and makes a design change in the actual structure of the organization that removes the source of these practices.