The CEO Alliance was founded by Bill Schwarz three decades ago utilizing the lessons learned from a successful career in building and leading several businesses, as well as creating two Executive MBA programs. Bill has taken fundamental principles, laws and truths about how the world works and applied them to companies from the largest Fortune 100 mega organizations to a plethora of medium-sized and rapid growth companies.

He has installed organizational dashboards in countless companies to utilize scorekeeping, track vital metrics and create truly inspired performance. These things and many other methods and processes, have allowed companies to unleash their own potential with competitive advantage, innovation and full productive capacity.

For many years, Bill and his team worked inside companies as an extension of their CEO and executive team. Go to our testimonials page to watch video testimonials from real CEOs who have experienced the power and success of the CEO Alliance process.Testimonials

From doing hundreds of CEO and executive retreats over the years, Bill realized that, in order to fully maximize results in every area of the business, leaders needed to get away from their businesses each quarter for two and half day laser focused work sessions.

The idea of getting away from the business for two and half days in the mountains of North Georgia is that CEOs and business owners can really focus on their businesses without the constant distraction of daily interruptions.

It allows for a true transfer of knowledge in areas like…

  • Systems Thinking

  • The Power of Focus and Clarity

  • Responsibility Management and Personal Leadership

  • Creating a Culture of Inspired Performance

  • Scorekeeping for Inspired Performance

  • Leadership Development and Situational Coaching

  • The Generative Way – Mastering the Forces of Change

  • Strategic Innovation

  • Idea Generation and Creative Thinking

  • Causal Feedback Loops and How to Use Leverage Points

  • Organizational Vision

  • Team Management

  • Time and Energy Management

  • Controlling Your Organizational Destiny

…and many more important competencies.

The CEO Alliance format also allows senior executives to learn from leaders in other industries that, many times, opens up their strategic and creative thinking for their own business.Then, at the end of each two and a half day retreat, all CEOs, business owners and executive teams create an executable 90 day plan for when they return to their companies.The quarterly retreat system is a process of competency transfer and discovery that creates organizational breakthroughs in the form of increased performance and profitability, lower costs, improved margins, strong competitive advantage, new revenue streams and powerful strategic innovation. Testimonials