A Generative Blueprint

There are many ways to look at the Generative Implementation process. This document gives a high level view that can be easily understood. Whereas the information in this document is accurate and correct, every organization have different needs and the complexity of each implementation will vary. However, most all organizations go through the four phases:

  • Laying a foundation for change
  • Building a perpetual change machine
  • Developing and guiding an inspired organization
  • Reaching and sustaining optimum growth

Phase 1 ­ Laying a foundation for change

This is the first step on your way to becoming a Generative Organization. Everything the center does is focused on “execution”. Although knowledge is critical to initiate change, it is the execution of that knowledge that we will constantly focus. The steps in this phase are performed first with the leadership team, then with each department in the organization. The high level steps of this phase include:

  • Developing the capability in each individual to see the organization patterns of success and failure.
  • Taking a new look at the old principles that will allow you to removing reactive behavior and begin to develop a generative organization
  • Insure the organization has the right people doing the right thing
  • Creating a Baseline Measurement of where your organization is today
  • Creating an organizational design

Phase 2 ­ Building a perpetual change machine

Like the birth of a nation a new generative organization will aspire to go beyond it’s current boundaries or even become an industry leader, but first need to develop to support that dream. In Phase 2 we work together to build a machine that can reshape the organization. The high level steps of this phase include:

  • Creating an Executive Design team to lay down and communicate the new vision of the organization
  • Creation of change coalition team to assess, design, align, and execute change in and across every department.
  • . The learning and implementation of a set of principles that will guide organizational change
  • The implementation of new tools that will define and measure change in each department.

Phase 3 – Developing and Guiding an Inspired Organization

Like a sailing ship success is based on knowing the direction and force of the wind along with keeping focused on the ultimate destination. Likewise the playing field for each individual in the organization must be clearly defined but with the freedom use their talents to go beyond the limitations of the past. The high level steps in this phase include:

  • Developing a competency driven organization
  • Guiding the organization using leverage points and leading indicators
  • .Applying principles and developing systems that promote inspiration
  • Understanding and implementing the power of an idea

Phase 4 – Reaching and sustaining optimum growth

What ever happened to yesterday’s winners? In any segment of life, from sports to business, staying on top is more difficult than arriving. America loves winners almost as much as they love to tell you why you failed. This phase will in some ways be the most challenging of all of the generative phases we have implemented. Yes, you will have a large selection of new skills and tools. Yes, you will have well documented and certified process. Yes, everyone in the organization will be driving their performance based on a new understanding of old proven principles. But the keys to success in this phase will require more from every individual than in the past, to go beyond their past performance, to truly focusing on the details that drive a great company to inspiration. This phase includes:

  • Developing architects of organizational structure and optimum growth that recognize pattern that lead to success or failure and create the future
  • Developing engineers and teachers of core process improvement that insures a balanced organization
  • .Insuring clear focus on core capabilities and strategic intent such that all activities are aligned around key leverage points
  • Insuring complete understanding by every member of the organization of the principles that allowed us to become a Generative Organization

The Results

There are many factors that determine the details of each phase including the size and current state of the organization, the vision and goals of the leadership team, and the desire and drive by your organization to execute in an inspired way. However, you can rest assured of one thing:  All of our experience and research as shown that your organization already desired to be there!