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Things you need to know about the CEO Alliance…

♦ We eliminate the source of organizational problems so your company can maximize productivity, profitability and performance in every area.

We understand that problems in an organization, otherwise known as “fires” or “crisis”, will always come back no matter how many “quick-fixes” you throw at them.

Ironically, these reactive quick-fixes tend to cause a plethora of unintended consequences within your company that add to the vicious cycle of seemingly never-ending problems.

If you chart the patterns of these events that get your attention, you will see that they continue to occur month after month, year after year which causes your entire management team to become “problem-solvers”. This does not allow them to do their real jobs and productive capacity is severely diminished.

The ONLY way for all of those recurring organizational crisis to go away is to remove the source of the problems and create a Generative Structure for your company. Structure causes behavior.

We get to the root of upset conditions, define leverage points and, through the creation of organizational design teams and cause teams, create lasting and meaningful change in companies. We change the underlying structure of organizations based on three fundamental insights that influence all behavior. They are…

  • All things are energy.

  • Energy is never created or destroyed. It is only suppressed or released. It always takes the path of least resistance.

  • To change the flow of energy, you need to change the underlying structure.

Once energy is released, the true potential of an organization can be achieved through strategic innovation and the implementation of growth strategies.

Participants in a CEO Alliance retreat at our Center for Inspired Performance in North Georgia in our Sautee Lodge.


♦ We have many members from CEO Roundtables and CEO Peer Groups.

The CEO Alliance works in tandem with CEO Roundtables and Peer Groups. Over the years, we have partnered with a number of members that have come from well-known CEO groups. We actively work with these organizations to create the most benefit rich experience possible for CEOs and business owners. We are a true CEO Alliance that works with individual clients to create a completely Generative Organization and also meets quarterly in the mountains of North Georgia at our Center for Inspired Performance called Sautee Mountain Retreat. CEO Alliance Orlando members are also eligible for any and all quarterly retreats.

In addition to working with entire companies including their CEOs, owners, executives and teams, we meet for two and a half day, intensive retreats that focus on specific high level development and deep dives for your company. You get the richness that comes from working with CEOs and business owners from other industries and yet still get to focus on specific strategies to take your own company to the next level.

As a CEO, your way of thinking, level of leadership development, ability to strategize, launch and execute new business models, innovate to capture new markets and achieve competitive advantage determines what level of performance your organization will have the productive capacity to accomplish.

Membership in the CEO Alliance provides a complete, comprehensive, consistent set of principles, navigational dashboards, core competency development, organizational and personal assessments, training/skills/team performance systems and strategies in a structured clearly defined pathway.

A pathway that, step by step, assures a quarterly 90-day strategic execution and implementation structure that elevates the entire organization to the next level of competitive advantage creation, productive capacity, customer loyalty and revenue/sales acceleration. Member CEOs organizations’ literally perform at a 10X multiplier level.

♦ We are a growth strategy group for CEOs and business owners.

The CEO Alliance brings in more than half a century of experience in maximizing business success, creating new revenue streams and assessing, designing, aligning and executing to create generative organizational structures.

We facilitate a process of self and organizational discovery for CEOs and business owners that has grown businesses to levels that were once not conceivable. We have a passion for getting into the deepest levels of organizations, mapping out all the causal feedback loops, defining leverage points (anything that reduces or eliminates the cause of upset conditions) and creating inspired performance at every level in a company.

♦ We get meaningful results that exact lasting change.

For testimonials from real CEOs and business owners in real companies, go to our testimonials page at testimonials 

We don’t solve problems, we transform companies and create inspired performance at every level. This involves maximizing the creativity, intelligence and potential of every one of your organizational team members. Our process creates a generative structure that allows every person in your company to both feel like and know that they are a part of something larger than themselves.

This leads to increased profits, decreased cost, improved competitive advantage and explosive growth. We also offer monthly two and half day retreats on specific subjects that are open to your entire organizational team. These are open to CEO Alliance Atlanta, Denver and Orlando groups.

Why are the quarterly retreats in the mountains of North Georgia at our Center for Inspired Performance?

To operate at a 10X multiplier level, CEO Alliance members, each quarter, get out of the day to day of working in their business (recommended with their executive team) in order to have an in-depth, laser focus.This concentrated development addresses everything that is causing reactive behavior (firefighting), limiting growth, missed opportunities, reduced margins/profits, and restricted performance.

These obstacles are used to propel strategic growth and innovation.  Each quarter members remove their ceiling and shift the mindset that is holding their organization back. Many times CEOs and business owners realize that they had been operating at 100% of only a 20% capacity – working very, very hard but never getting to the next level.

When your ceiling can expand, your discretionary effort may stay the same and yet your productive capacity typically reaches levels you never thought possible. This comes about through systems thinking and eliminating the source of upset conditions.

Our Background = Your Success

CEO Alliance Founder Bill Schwarz was an early pioneer of the principles that result in real change and long-term commitments. He has trained thousands of executives in Leadership, Organizational Interventions and Change Agentry skills. He has built several real-world businesses including a sales organization with representatives in the hundreds to a corporate satellite television network before the age of the internet.

The former Director of two Executive MBA Programs on Organizational Change and
Leadership, Bill has also written two groundbreaking books, “The Generative Organization:
From Reactive Behavior to Inspired Performance” and “The Generative Way, a Revolutionary Way to Achieve Sales Success”.
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We work with companies to get to the root cause of upset conditions.

Our processes bring people together to map out feedback loops and understand, from a systems thinking perspective, why recurring crisis and “events” continue to happen in a business.

Once we graphically map out the patterns and feedback loops, we then define leverage points in the business that, when utilized properly, remove the source of upset conditions and create a generative structure within an organization. We work to remove the source of reactive behavior which can cause a vicious cycle in any business and replace that with a generative structure based on irrefutable principles, laws and truths.

CEO Alliance members mapping out the patterns and events in their business and working on causal feedback loops.

Bill Schwarz conducting an Executive Briefing at the Georgian Club in Atlanta


Michael L. Stahl conducting an Executive Briefing at the Citrus Club in Orlando


Bill Schwarz facilitating a quarterly retreat at Sautee Mountain Retreat, which is our Center for Inspired Performance in North Georgia


Leadership Effectiveness

Requires vision (the ability to see), mission and values combined with change management, team effectiveness, organization design, vertical and horizontal alignment and strategic execution.

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Productive Capacity

Is the source of maximizing resources and assets. Ultimately productivity comes down to the skills, competencies and attitude of the operator.

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Employee Inspiration

Is the result of having the right people on the bus and then developing teams and core competencies that increase the contributions everyone makes to each other. Learning and growth become as important as new production technology, sales and profits to enlightened leaders. When these conditions exist the organization captures discretionary effort, new ideas, innovation and growth through long term, loyal and inspired contributors.

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Sales Effectiveness

Requires a highly focused application of competitive advantage creation, developing core competencies, managing innovation, achieving customer loyalty and applying the principles of strategic marketing.

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Competitive Advantage

Is the essence of a market leader’s focus and attention. Identifying where an organization excels and what core competency development is required to exploit a market opportunity provides the foundation for positioning and strategic selling.

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Customer Enthusiasm

Is the result of helping clients grow their business, lowering their costs and competing in their markets because you are their preferred supplier.  This has little to do with price – if at all.  It has everything to do with making them capable of  achieving a competitive advantage due to their relationship with you. It goes without saying that all of the standard expectations of a customer must also be met or you can encounter rework, redo and loss of market share. How innovative you are in addressing even unknown and undiscovered needs of the market will result in this level of loyalty.  There are many levels of customer loyalty and having the lowest price is not even a critical factor that figures into the equation.

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